PicGlu Hands-Free Selfies

PicGlu is a new invention that allows your smartphone to temporarily stick to the majority of flat surfaces. You stick this transparent adhesive membrane on the back of your phone to allow it to stick to vertical surfaces. 

Using PicGlu to stick your phone to a surface frees your hands and gives you the chance to take selfies that show both your hands, shoefies (shoe selfies), groupfies (group selfies), other types of pictures and even film videos without having to hold your smartphone! You won’t have to stretch your arm in awkward positions to get good shots anymore! 

PicGlu’s Key Characteristics 

  • Odourless
  • Practically weightless and therefore easy to carry around
  • Takes very little room
  • Easily fits in a pocket
  • Washable to renewed adhesiveness in seconds

Simple to use

  • Remove the PicGlu from it's enveloppe
  • Place the PicGlu on the back of your phone
  • Put your phone on the surface where you want to use it
  • Test the adherence
  • Take pictures, movies

How to care your PicGlu

If the PicGlu is less adherent or has dust on it, remove the PicGlu from your phone and wash it with a soft soap and water. Let it dry to restore it's adherence..

People around the World like PicGlu

"I like it!" ~Evelyne Audet, LaPresse.ca 

"Despite only having my PicGlu for a few days, I've already used it so much and I just know it's going to come in handy." ~unf4bul0us.com

"And does this mean the days of that classic Myspace pose are over" ~pixable.com 

"If you’re someone who makes any type of video, or takes lots of beautiful selfies, you may want to try this out! It’s so easy!" ~beautybylo.com

"Tu peux soit utiliser un clicker ou la minuterie de ton appareil pour prendre des photos de groupe, une photo de tes souliers, un selfie matinal…Bref, tu peux trouver toutes sortes d’utilités." ~robotsucre.com

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